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Variegated Pothos Plant 

Pothos/Devil's Ivy
Epipremnum aureum
Family: Araceae

Pothos/Devil's Ivy enjoys bright, indirect light, but be careful as direct light can burn their leaves. Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. A balanced plant food once a month will be beneficial. Daily misting provides humidity. Repot when the roots come out from the drainage holes and into a pot a couple of inches larger than the one it was in.

*Please save these instructions so that we can save on ink and paper*
When you receive your order:
1. Promptly open it and place your cuttings in water right away to fully hydrate and to let further the roots develop further (1-2 weeks is recommended).
2. Once you have several inches of roots, plant your starter plants into its pot and water just a little. Important: Keep in mind that the pot will NOT need to be drenched when watering, because the root system is small and cannot absorb all of that water and will likely cause it to rot. So take care with watering until the root system is much bigger.
3. Report any damages and include pictures right away.

This is also excellent for hydroponics.

You’ll receive 3 large green cuttings, starting to root, and in the size indicated as pictured, or bigger.

What you'll receive: Variegated Pothos Plant in a 4" pot.