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Pussy Willow Plant

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Pussy Willow Plant
Salix discolor

*Plant shown is mature size*

The Pussy Willow is a deciduous (loses its leaves in winter) shrub with Flowers occur in dense catkins. Catkin buds are covered in dense silky hairs and are the best known pussy willow feature.

Common Name: Pussy Willow 

Type: Perennial

Family: Salicaceae 

USDA Zones: 4–8

Exposure: Full sun/partial shade

Bloom Time: Early Spring

Flowers: White with yellow stamens

Fertilizer: Once a year in the fall, spread out over roots, away from trunk.

Mature size: 6-25' tall  with a similar spread

Resists: Deer

Pot Size: 4"

Cannot ship to: AK, CA, HI


Planting & Maintenance

Planting time: 

Before you plant - Take Note! Pussy willows have deep spreading roots that can be considered invasive and damaging if planted near water lines, sewer lines or septic tank fields. Avoid these areas.

This may be planted in both the Spring & Fall. 

1. Dig the hole at least 2x's larger than the root ball and add compost to the planting hole. 

2. Then add a little water to the hole and then place the plant into the hole. 

3. Fill hole with soil, tamp down gently but firmly.

4. Water in the plant.

5. Add a 2" deep layer of mulch around the plant, making sure that the mulch is at least 2" from the plants trunk to prevent rotting it. Mulch helps retain moisture, keep the roots cool on hot days, and keep down weeds.

Watering: Water 1" weekly.

Pruning: Flowers form on the previous season's growth, not on new growth, so do not prune until RIGHT AFTER the flowers have finished blooming. Every couple of years cut the tree back to a six inch stump.

Pests/Treatment: You can get a variety of pests such as borers, aphids, thrips, scale, among others. Use insecticidal soap on pests. It can also be inflicted with fungal issues which will require a fungicide.


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