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Catawba Grape

Vitis labrusca 'Catawba' 


A juicy red grape on a vigorous vine producing bunches of medium red grapes, good for fresh eating, jams, jellies, American wine, and juice.

Plant in full sun, provide medium water, and good drainage. Grape vines are known to live for 50 years or more.  

*Plant shown is mature size*

Pot Size: Quart


Hardiness Zone: 5-8

Planting & Maintenance

Note: Grapes needs support and are best grown on a trellise.

**Planted in the early spring, when they are dormant**

1.  Soak the roots in water for 23 hours before planting.

2. Dig the hole at least 2x's larger than the root ball and add compost to the planting hole. 

3. Then add a little water to the hole and then place the plant into the hole.

4. Fill hole with soil, tamp down gently but firmly.

5. Water in the plant.

6. Add a 2" deep layer of mulch around the plant, making sure that the mulch is at least 2" from the plants trunk to prevent rotting it. Mulch helps retain moisture, keep the roots cool on hot days, and keep down weeds.

Soil Requirements: acidic (pH 5.0-6.5), well-drained, sandy soil 

Spacing: 6'–8' apart using a trellis system 

Fertilizing: Grapes don’t require fertilizer in their first year, but in the second year, feed grapes lightly with a nitrogen fertilizer. 

Pruning: Prune only in winter.

Days to Maturity: Grapes are ripe in the late summer or early fall when they are rich in color, easily crushed but not shriveled, plump and juicy.

Harvesting: To harvest, snip clusters of ripe grapes from the vine. Pick the grapes on a sunny day, which is when they will have the highest sugar content.

Mature Size: 5-7' tall x 8-10' wide